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An inclusive vision for Creativity, Community and Spirituality in London, Ontario 

Song, Sound, & Silence

Join Lucas in a community building experience for your body, mind & spirit !

Classes starting Fall 2023, Blackfriars Neighbourhood, London, Ontario.

Offering space for deep listening, musical exploration, gentle movement and quiet reflection.

You'll feel nourished, balanced and make some new friends.

Image by Erin Minuskin


Lucas guides you through soothing songs and unique vocalizations bringing the group together in harmony.



You'll be invited to listen deeply to beautiful, unique hand-made instruments and play them with others if you choose.



Participate in guided breath work and movement. Take a moment to sit in silence. Bring a journal to record your thoughts.

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A Multi-disciplinary Artist :


Celebrating community and nature through song, sound and soulful imagery is what continues to motivate Lucas Tensen as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, instrument maker, artist and facilitator. Lucas currently lives in London ON, also known as the Forest City.

His travels have taken him to Saint-Louis, Senegal to learn the 21 string kora, a West African harp. Lucas plays cello, shakuhachi flute, didgeridoo, hand pan, and various percussive instruments. He facilitates many types of community gatherings including ‘Song, Sound & Silence’ where participants integrate creative expression and movement with the practice of mindfulness.

A Songbook For Kids and the Young at Heart !

'Earth Anthems' is a 50 page book with 16 gorgeous illustrations and songs. It is an uplifting resource for

music educators and parents who want to cultivate the joy of singing in the classroom and at home.


More lyric videos :

Listen to the full album :

Get the book :

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