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'A Songbook for Sharing Gratitude' celebrates nature with vibrant illustrations 

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'Song, Sound & Silence'

is a community gathering

for adults that integrates spirituality and creativity. 


Lucas is available for a

variety of services with private, corporate and

community-based clients.

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A Multi-disciplinary Artist :

Celebrating community and nature through song, sound and soulful imagery is what continues to motivate Lucas Tensen as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, instrument maker, artist and facilitator. Lucas currently lives in London ON, also known as the Forest City.

In 2008, he travelled to Saint-Louis, Senegal to learn the 21 string kora, (a West African harp). Lucas also plays cello, shakuhachi flute, didgeridoo and a RAV vast drum. He has played music in both hospital and hospice settings and facilitates community gatherings called ‘Song, Sound & Silence’ where participants integrate creative expression and movement with the practice of mindfulness.

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